Lighthouses in the Dark: On the Genomics of Supernormality & Close Encounters of the 6th Kind

The Hermetic Penetrator
46 min readOct 26, 2021
Illustration by Anders N. Kvammen

Some people [seem to] repeatedly attract the phenomena or the experiences. They act like an antenna or are like lighthouses in the dark. — Dr. Garry P. Nolan

Has no group of scientists ever tried in nearly a century to establish communication with the intelligence behind the tech? Unknown Questioner

You know who’d be better to ask? We should have Hal Puthoff on this [show]. And that would be the guy. Him and Kit Green and a few others. And Eric Davis. Those guys would be perfect to answer that question. I’m going to politely punt. Luis Elizondo

There’s a lot we don’t know. But on the other hand, there’s a lot we do know, even if it’s not public. — Dr. Harold “Hal” Puthoff

The caudate nucleus deals with the head antennae. Millions of antennae which in the future will deal with the ability of all the extrasensory perception abilities. Such as the ability to see events at a distance and the ability of telepathic contact. The sending and receiving station for telepathic contact is located in the caudate nucleus. Drs. Viola Petitt Neal and Shafica Karagulla

On July 26, 2021, just one month after the release of the much anticipated Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) report on UFOs, Professor of Science at Harvard University, Abraham “Avi” Loeb, announced the creation of The Galileo Project. A project that aims to advance the study of UFOs by using telescopes to capture “high-resolution, multi-detector” images of the objects to “discover their nature”. The Galileo Project is in many ways the culmination of a process of mainstream acclimatisation to the idea of UFOs which began in December 2017 when The New York Times revealed the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Despite this major breakthrough in the mainstream culture, the public conversation is still quite restricted in terms of what aspects of the phenomenon are deemed fit for primetime. Alien abductions, disturbing biological effects, and the multifaceted consciousness aspects of the phenomenon are just a few of the hot-button topics currently being ignored outside of the largely ghettoised UFO subculture.

One of the reasons for this is that the public discourse on the subject has so far been dominated by a small handful of insiders. People like Christopher Mellon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Intelligence under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and former Director of AATIP, now government contractor, Luis Elizondo.

During Luis Elizondo’s recent appearance on Shifting the Paradigm, host Cristina Gomez expressed surprise at the lack of follow up by the mainstream media after the release of the ODNI report. She wanted to know if Elizondo believed that an “official lid of silence [had] been dropped” on the topic or if it was “just a natural curve of disinterest”.

“It’s neither”, the former AATIP Director replied. “We have turned the dial down”.

We had the oven cooking and we had to get it up to operating temperature of 500 degrees. I don’t need to continue that gas right now to go up to 800 degrees. We need to keep it at 500. And sometimes you have to turn back the gas a little bit to keep the oven temperature constant.

For those steeped in the work of Dr. Jacques Vallée, Luis Elizondo’s remark may have a familiar ring to it. Vallée’s hypothesis is that the UFO phenomenon — much like a thermostat — functions like a control-system, which conditions human cultural development within certain pre-set boundaries in our environment. Similarly, Luis Elizondo seems to favour a carefully managed public discourse in order to avoid social unrest and/or (geo-)political instability.

During a recent podcast appearance, Elizondo stated that his work with Drs. Christopher Canfield “Kit” Green and Harold “Hal” Puthoff had exposed him to things he could not “explain as a scientist”. He refused to go into specifics about exactly what this work entailed, however, for fear of taking the public conversation down a “rabbit hole” of “woo”.

Unlike Lue, I do not intend to shy away from the woo. This article is for the über nerds on #ufotwitter: a deep dive into the work of “White Rabbits” like Puthoff and Green and the nexus between human biology, consciousness and UFOs.

For the impatient soul who may want to jump ahead to a section of particular interest, I offer this brief chronological overview of its main themes.

  1. A recap of the concept of Close Encounters of the 6th Kind (CE-6) aka UFO-baiting.
  2. A comprehensive introduction to the 6th observable (biological effects) and the trailblazing research being conducted by Drs. Christopher Green and Garry P. Nolan on the brains and genes of experiencers.
  3. A discussion of the concept of Cognitive Human Interface (CHI).
  4. A presentation of cases in which individuals from Green and Nolan’s cohort of experiencers appear to have been used as “bait” to attract UFOs.

Close Encounters of the 6th Kind

In my first article, I introduced the concept of Close Encounters of the 6th Kind (CE-6). Since then I have continued to research the topic and made some additional connections which I hope will be of interest to the reader.

The CE-6 category refers to UFO sightings which are precipitated by deceptive/provocative human schemes/actions intended to elicit a reaction from the UFO phenomenon for the purpose of gathering intelligence. In other words, UFO-baiting.

The idea of baiting UFOs can actually be traced back as far as to Major Donald E. Keyhoe’s 1973 book Aliens from Space, in which he proposes something called “Operation Lure”. A few years later, Dr. Jacques Vallée began to talk about his desire to interfere with the hypothesised meta/control-system behind the phenomenon to expose its true nature.

Illustration by Anders N. Kvammen

Remarks from seemingly credible sources like Luis Elizondo and the Russian General Vasili Alexejev suggest that some of the major powers may already have attempted UFO-baiting. Earlier this year, Luis Elizondo told podcaster Zac Cichy that the US had in fact considered it. He declined to elaborate however when Cichy asked if Navy ships had been involved in such plans.

The recent UFO report by the ODNI noted that the objects have a tendency to interrupt “pre-planned training or other military activity”. In a 1997 interview, General Vasili Alexejev claimed that the Russians reached a similar conclusion. They would observe particularly dramatic increases in UFO activity whenever they were transporting “special loads”, Alexejev told journalist Valery Uvarov. Once the Russians had identified the pattern they exploited it to intentionally attract the phenomenon. In some cases, it would be enough to simply schedule or simulate such activity for the anomalous aerial objects to show up, claimed the Russian General.

One prominent individual who has spoken openly about his belief that the US Navy is conducting baiting experiments is Dr. Robert McGwier, former Chief Scientist at the Hume Center. A few months ago, Dr. McGwier posted the following comment in Scott Browne’s Facebook group In the Field.

McGwier offered additional context in a conversation with the well-informed citizen journalist Danny Silva. Silva asked his opinion on the rumours that the Navy is trying to “tease the UFOs to come out”. “That’s what I claimed was happening with the [USS] Kidd”, McGwier replied, referring to a major event off the California coast in 2019. He added:

The reason I say that is when you send a group of ships out like that, and that group of ships made no sense. They are support ships for a carrier battle group. So they went out, these cruisers went out, and all of a sudden these things fly right over the top of the ships. Some of them within a few hundred feet. And for a Commander to allow his command of the group and/or a vessel to expose themselves to danger and take zero action tells me the rules of engagement are set before they ever got there.

So what might these rules of engagement be? Because of the Navy ships’ lack of evasive action and willingness to defend themselves, McGwier believes the most plausible explanation is that they “were sent out there to poke the bear”.

I guarantee you nothing else makes sense to me. Now, I don’t know the orders. Nobody’s told me anything classified. But it doesn’t make sense, Danny, for those ships not to take any action whatsoever. Hundreds of millions of dollars of assets, millions of dollars in trained personnel and the lives of the people that they hold in their hands, and they do nothing? No, Danny, they went out there to stir them up. They have a theory of how to do it and it looks to me like they succeeded. Because they got a shitload of them out of the water.

Remarks by Luis Elizondo on a recent episode of Disclosure Team lend further support to this scenario. The host Vinnie asked Elizondo if “the 2019 events involving the USS Kidd, USS Russell and the other Navy ships” could “have been a training exercise specifically intended to bait UAP”.

“I am not going to answer that question because that’s a question that probably the government needs to answer for itself”, replied Elizondo. Vinnie asked if Elizondo could comment on whether such “methods of baiting” had “actually been successful”. Unfortunately, Elizondo took “a polite pass” on this question too. He added that for the time being he was unable to “to even go down that road”.

An important article by Tim McMillan of The Debrief suggested that rules of engagement for such incidents have in fact been established. McMillan wrote that “a formal operations plan to address UAP was drafted and submitted through Alternative Compensatory Control Measure channels at the DoD” back in 2016. Two of his sources “hinted that a portion of the operations plan may have involved attempts to “coax” UAP into showing up, potentially involving the [objects’] propensity for showing interest in nuclear materials”. The “specific details of this plan were said to be classified” and none of McMillan’s sources were “willing to share much more, outside of acknowledging it existed”. As far as the author knows, this is the first time anyone has been able to confirm the existence of a formal US Government program related to UFO-baiting.

The Nimitz Tic Tac: A Cosmic Trickster?

Many UFO events seem almost like theatrical displays choreographed by a cosmic Trickster. During his recent appearance on Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, George Knapp used the playful behaviour of the Tic Tac UFO to illustrate this point. Knapp found the notion that the Tic Tac pilot was caught off guard by the approaching Navy fighter jets absurd. “Come on!”, he said, “it wanted to be seen!”

Colonel John B. Alexander shares Knapp’s perspective. In UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities, he argues that the phenomenon acts like a “Trickster that’s always in control of the observations”. Just when researchers believe they are getting “close to an understanding of the situation”, he writes, “the parameters are altered or new variables are entered into the equation”.

Alexander coined the term precognitive sentient phenomena (PSP) to describe the “external controlling agent that initiates” the events. The phenomenon is not only in control of “all factors of the event”, he claims, it is “already (i.e., precognitively) aware of how the observers or researchers will respond to any given stimuli”.

These aspects of the phenomenon have also been observed by contact workers in the CE-5 community. I was given a sneak preview of Dr. Joseph Burkes’ chapter in the upcoming book A Greater Reality: The New Paradigm of Consciousness, the Paranormal & the Contact Modalities, edited by Reinerio “Rey” Hernandez et al. Like Knapp and Alexander, Dr. Burkes asserts that the phenomenon is in total control during close interactions; deciding “when and where sightings” happen.

The so-called “hitchhiker effect” is one of the Trickster phenomena often reported in the aftermath of UFO events. On Unknown Country, George Knapp told Whitley Strieber that some of the pilots from the Nimitz encounter may also have experienced this bizarre phenomenon after their sighting.

I will wager that some of these nuts and bolts saucer cases like the Tic Tac…that some of those pilots have carried something else with them. They have a sighting, it’s well documented, and you think, “Wow! That was really cool!”. But I will bet you that there are at least one or two of them in the well publicised incidents, who have had continuing experiences because of that close encounter. That’s…it comes with the territory.

Carl Vibe echoed Knapp’s claims on Day 1 of The Big Phone Home 2. There is “something to all of these stories that everybody sort of skips over”, Vibe said. Even the witnesses from the Nimitz encounter “went home and had all kinds of paranormal incidents occur and follow them back into their home”.

The author has also heard similar stories regarding the Nimitz pilots from a seemingly credible source. However, until they are publicly confirmed — or denied — by the pilots themselves such rumours must be taken with a grain of salt. Interestingly, Lt. Commander Alex Anne Dietrich playfully alluded to this being the case herself in a tweet on June 5, 2021.

Tweet by Alex Anne Dietrich

Lt. Commander Dietrich’s remark about being put “in an MRI machine in some desert ranch” by Dr. Christopher Green furthermore hints at the possibility that she is a subject in his pioneering experiencer study. I will describe this study in some detail in the next section.

The 6th Observable: Biological Effects

According to Luis Elizondo, AATIP identified a number of “observables” related to the UFO phenomenon. By now, most are probably familiar with the first five.

  1. Sudden and instantaneous acceleration
  2. Hypersonic velocities without signatures
  3. Low observability
  4. Trans-medium travel
  5. Positive lift

In a 2020 interview with The New Republic, Elizondo revealed that there was another observable which they were “more reluctant to discuss”. The 6th observable refers to biological effects such as “morphological changes to the body and brain”. This disturbing aspect of the phenomenon has received little media attention outside of the ghettoised UFO blogosphere, but is the focus of the first half of this article.

Dr. Green’s DIRD & the 6th Observable

Working as a sub-contractor for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), Dr. Harold Puthoff commissioned 38 Defence Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) under the AAWSAP/AATIP contract. The documents covered a broad range of cutting edge science within the fields of aerospace and biology. One of the most interesting DIRDs was written by Dr. Christopher Green. Green worked for the CIA between 1969–1985 and his curriculum vitae reads as follows:

Reporting to the Director of the Agency, Dr. Green was the Senior Division Analyst with the Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence. In this role he had multidisciplinary research and management experience in medicine, comparative biology, bioengineering, animal and human physiology, endocrinology and the Life Sciences. Special areas of management experience included the direction of research of doctoral-level and physician scientists in the above areas as well as participation as senior analyst. His medical specialty is forensic medicine and toxicology, and his doctoral research work in neurophysiology concerned human Biochemical functioning of the brain.

The aim of Green’s DIRD — Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues — was to review the “clinical medical signs and symptoms and biophysics of injury known and expected from near-field […] exposure to anomalous systems”, i.e. UFOs.

Dr. Christopher Canfield “Kit” Green

The definition of “near-field” was left deliberately subjective, but generally referred to objects “within sight of the injured”. The patients in Dr. Green’s cohort often described the anomalous systems as “small drone-like objects” or “medium to large metallic looking objects of various shapes”. The focus of the study was on cases where symptoms appeared within hours (acute) or days (sub-acute) of the event. A large percentage of the individuals suffered from a combination of “radiation burns, thermal injuries, and permanent hematological and neurological damage”.

DIRD written by Dr. Christopher Canfield “Kit” Green

According to MJ Banias, Christopher Green’s research into such cases began in 2003 and the initial cohort consisted mainly of military personnel referred to him by their superior officers. By 2007, he had treated approximately 180 patients. It is worth noting that a portion of the data used in Dr. Green’s DIRD comes from his own “unpublished personal archives” going back to 1978. The inclusion criteria for this unique cohort of patients are very strict.

  1. They must have been affected by anomalous phenomena at “very close range” (near-field).
  2. Their injuries “must be physical in nature”.
  3. Their sighting must be corroborated by at least one additional witness.
  4. They are expected to grant Dr. Green full “access to their entire medical history”.
  5. They must agree to “a battery of tests including DNA testing, endocrine and specialized blood tests and brain scans”.

Most of the details related to the actual UFO events in Christopher Green’s study are currently unavailable to the general public. He admits that “Classified information exists that is highly pertinent to the subject of” his DIRD, but “only a small part of the classified literature has been released”.

In a 2019 interview with Richard Dolan, Dr. Green said that his security “clearances got way better when [he] left the CIA” in 1985 because all the “really deep, profound scientific research” is conducted in private industry.

Despite the sensitive nature of the material, a few details have trickled out regarding some of the incidents in Green’s study. He has for example confirmed that approximately a dozen of the individuals received their injuries “on or near” Skinwalker Ranch. Other incidents occurred at highly sensitive locations like Area 51 and unspecified “private aerospace testing grounds”. Some were also injured in the line of duty while serving abroad. To MJ Banias, Green specifically mentioned certain “classified desert locations” in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as “operational areas for special forces in Latin America, [and] Central America”.

The identities of a handful of the participants in the study have become public knowledge. The famous remote viewer Joseph “Joe” W. McMoneagle is one. His spectacular 1966 sighting of a UFO in the Bahamas will be described later. Another is the former Air Force Sergeant John Burroughs who came close to a landed UFO on two occasions during the famous incidents in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. A couple of civilian names have also been mentioned in relation to Green’s work. Most notably Whitley Strieber and Christopher Bledsoe.

Blue-Shifting & the Brazilian Connection

Christopher Green’s DIRD refers to the potentially dangerous effects of a phenomenon known as “blue-shifting”. Being “exposed to blue-shifting at relatively close range” can result in “symptoms associated with broadband radiation”. The concept of blue-shifting is detailed in a highly technical DIRD written by Dr. Hal Puthoff entitled Advanced Space Propulsion Based On Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering. Dr. Puthoff writes that “ultraviolet and soft-X-ray generation due to blueshifting of the visible portion of the spectrum to higher frequencies” can produce harmful effects (see figure 1).

Puthoff explained the blue-shifting phenomenon in somewhat more layman’s terms during a lecture in 2018. “In this room”, he told the audience, “most of the radiation coming off our bodies, off the wall” et cetera is “in the infrared”. Humans can “see things in the visible range”. “But what happens if you get into a volume of space where the vacuum has been engineered in the way I’ve been discussing?”, he said. “The infrared you don’t ordinarily see can get blue-shifted up into the visible”.

Now the downside from all of this is the fact that visible light — which doesn’t have any particularly harmful effects — gets blue-shifted up into the ultraviolet. So if you get too close to a landed craft, you might get a sunburn. Or off into the soft X-ray region [there could be a] chance of radiation poisoning. So if you run across one of these sitting on the ground […] and it’s powered up, I’d recommend you don’t rush up [to it].

AAWSAP/AATIP also studied material collected during Operation Plate, the Brazilian Air Force’s investigation of the UFO flap around Colares island in the late 1970s. Hal Puthoff compared the spectacular activity to Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. According to BAASS/AAWSAP employee, Jacques Vallée, the Brazilians set up a UFO task force which consisted of “biologists, physicists, medical doctors, [and] chemists” to study the events in realtime. The data recorded during Operation Plate’s three month long field investigation included 500 photographs and 15 hours of motion film as well as “1000 pages of documents, logs, sketches and maps”.

A substantial number of disturbing medical injuries were also documented during this astonishing series of events. The evidence was later sent to the Headquarters of the Armed Forces in Brasilia as well as the Barreira do Inferno Launch Center in Rio Grando do Norte, which is operated by the Brazilian Space Agency.

Slide from a 2021 presentation by Dr. Hal Puthoff

Analysing the Brazilian material helped the AAWSAP/AATIP because it correlated with the findings of their own medical experts. In a recent lecture, Hal Puthoff revealed that some of the same individuals are currently studying data on the so-called Havana Syndrome.

Lethal Impact

One of the most disturbing aspects of Christopher Green’s experiencer study is the fact that 25% of the individuals in the cohort died “within five to seven years” of receiving their diagnosis. On August 8, 2018, Jay from The Mind Sublime posted an image he found on EarthTech’s website on Twitter. The image purports to show brain scan of a person who passed away shortly after “near-field exposure” to an “unidentified aerial craft at 500 meters”.

Tweet by The Mind Sublime

EarthTech removed the image from its website just days after it was posted. However, the author was fortunately able to retrieve it in its original context using the Wayback Machine during the research for this article.

Original brain scan image. Retrieved on EarthTech’s website using the Wayback Machine

The reader will notice the obvious overlaps between the accompanying text and Green’s DIRD. It seems reasonable to assume Hal Puthoff is involved in Green’s research.

The author has learned about a UFO encounter which is said to have occurred in one of the areas mentioned by Green to Banias. Several military personnel allegedly lost their lives in the aftermath of this previously unreported incident. While I am aware of some of the details, including the country where it occurred, I have been unable to find out if the case is related to the brain image above.

More information will hopefully surface about this extraordinary case at some point, but I am not holding my breath. Barring some unforeseen move towards full disclosure it is likely to remain under the veil of government secrecy. In the meantime, I will describe two other incidents which also meet Dr. Green’s criteria.

Case #1: UFO Barbecue in the Bahamas (1966)

In Phenomena, Annie Jacobsen revealed that Joe McMoneagle is one of the subjects in Dr. Green’s study. McMoneagle’s remote viewing exploits are the stuff of military legend. What is less known is that he has also witnessed UFOs on multiple occasions. His first sighting occurred one evening in early 1966 during his tour of duty on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. The incident is described in vivid detail in his memoir The Stargate Chronicles.

He had spent the evening at an outdoor movie theatre together with his colleague Steve Roberts and after the second feature they decided to head back home. It was around midnight and the night sky “was totally clear with no moon, and the air was clear. It was one of those island nights where you [could] read a newspaper by starlight”.

They decided to enjoy a stroll along the beach on the way back to their apartments. “A warm breeze was blowing [from] east to west as normal, and it was absolutely quiet except for the breaking combers down along the shore a quarter mile away”.

Then all of a sudden “the whole place lit up like high noon, like somebody had switched the sun on”. All sound stopped in the same instant. McMoneagle felt as if he was “standing in a bell jar” or “a very bright cone of light”. They looked up to see where the light was coming from and found themselves “staring straight up into the belly of an elliptical saucer that was probably 300 feet in diameter”.

UFO over Eleuthera, Bahamas 1966. Illustration by Anders N. Kvammen

As the metallic-looking craft hovered silently above them they could see that it had panel lines and opaque windows which appeared “to blend into the surrounding material”. The light emanating from the object was so intense it made McMoneagle “want to protect [his] eyes from exposure”. Just as suddenly as it had turned on, the light “winked off”. The craft then made a jerky start-stop motion before accelerating over the horizon.

Concerned about being shipped off to Vietnam “before the next sunset” if their superior officers got wind of their experience, McMoneagle and Roberts made a blood oath never to mention it to anyone. But hiding the fact that something bizarre had happened became difficult.

When McMoneagle woke up the next day he realised that he was “burnt to a crisp” and “almost couldn’t get out of bed”. He made his way to the Naval Medical facility and arrived just in time to see Roberts being driven away in an ambulance. Compared to Roberts, McMoneagle was “lucky”. An avid swimmer, he had “spent a considerable amount of time in the water” and “was already cooked to a nice dark brown”. Roberts, on other hand, still had “scars on his chest” and suffered from sensitivity to sunlight decades later.

As mentioned, Dr. Christopher Green’s “unpublished personal archives” on this topic go back to at least 1978; the same year that Joe McMoneagle was recruited into the US Army’s remote viewing program. Since Dr. Green acted as the program’s contract monitor, it seems plausible that he may have had access to McMoneagle’s medical records for several decades.

Case #2: “Missing Time” at Ellsworth Air Force Base (1977)

Episode 8, Season 2, of Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation features several cases in which military personnel experienced biological effects after being exposed to UFOs at close range. One of these happened at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, during the height of the Cold War. At the time, Ellsworth played a crucial role in the Northern Tier Defence System, housing several hundred Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs).

Late one evening in 1977, Security Police Officer Mario Woods and his team leader Michael Johnson responded to a call from the Launch Control Officers. November Five reported a “Sit Four” which “was a serious alarm”. Both Woods and Johnson were dispatched to the site and when they reached Highway 79 “the entire atmosphere was just lit up”.

Mario Woods described the scene:

It was just super bright like the sun was rising. And as we rounded the bend, this object was sitting over November Five about 5–10 feet off the ground, max. And it was just huge. It’s as big as any Walmart building I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere in the truck got really really thick, like, couldn’t breathe. It was a round sphere, and on that sphere it looked like the exterior of it was gaseous and the colours were floating around it. It wasn’t a craft like with hard edges or anything like that; it was completely round.

UFO over Ellsworth Air Force Base 1977. Illustration from Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

Woods recalled how his his partner appeared paralysed as they approached the object.

I kept hollering at him: “Michael! Michael!”, and he didn’t answer me. I took my mag light and I pulled myself out on the window sill of that truck. And I flashed my mag light at this thing. But as soon as I did that, the pressure stopped. It was like, “Okay, you can breathe now”. And I’m slumping back down into the seat.

Woods last memory is of blacking out in the seat of the car. Until the radio came back on.

All I heard was Wing Security Control’s: “November One”. That was us — our call sign. And I heard it three or four times and I turned to Michael Johnson. I said, “Are you gonna get that?” He’s still just frozen in his position.

And I couldn’t figure it out because there was a wall right here. And it went up as far as I could see. And it was the backside of Lake Newell Reservoir. We went from November Five to Newell Lake; and that’s between five and seven and a half miles. There were no tire prints or anything. It was just our vehicle in the middle of the mud and it started to get light.

According to Officer Woods, several hours had passed for which he had no recollection. “Missing time” as it is known in the ufological parlance. Both men were taken to their Wing Commander’s office for questioning. “Sergeant Woods”, the Wing Commander said,“I need to ask you what happened out there”. He wondered how they had ended up several miles from their original position. Sergeant Woods told him he had no memory of travelling that distance. “We’re gonna send you over to the base hospital”, the Wing Commander said. “We have a doctor who wants to take a look at you and just make sure you’re alright”.

The doctor first examined Woods’ eyes, ears and nose, then told him that he needed to collect a skin sample. “Why a skin sample?”, Woods asked. “You have some burns on you”, the doctor replied. The samples were put in a vial and placed on a silver tray. Sergeant Woods never received the results from his own medical examination.

One of the questions which has emerged out of Christopher Green’s research into the 6th observable is whether some individuals are genetically predisposed to have anomalous experiences. I will explore this question now.

The Contact Antenna

In the 2012–2013 timeframe, Christopher Green joined forces with Dr. Garry P. Nolan. Nolan is an eminent geneticist and the current Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. Nolan revealed many fascinating details about his work with Dr. Green in a 2019 interview on Phenomenon Radio. One of the reasons why Green approached him to collaborate, Nolan told hosts Linda Moulton Howe and John Burroughs, was because his lab had developed novel “technologies for looking at the inflammatory state of the immune system” which allowed for previously unimaginable “depth and profiling”.

Dr. Nolan claims that every single event which happens to an individual is registered in his or her immune system. Even something as innocuous as a bee sting. In Phenomena, journalist Annie Jacobsen reported that “doctors will likely soon be able to take a snapshot of a person’s blood and read the historical record of that person’s physiological life” with the technologies “emerging from the Nolan Lab”.

Nolan told Jacobsen that he has “met and worked with many of [Green’s] patients” and “looked deeply at the relevant medical data”. Like his colleague, he suspects that a lot of their injuries were caused by some kind of electromagnetic field. Whatever the source turns out to be, it has produced “inflammation and other biomarkers” which can be observed in “MRIs, tissue, [and] blood”.

Dr. Green explained to Jacobsen that he had studied world-class remote viewers like Uri Geller, Ingo Swann and Pat Price extensively and concluded that such individuals were “abnormal”. He reached this conclusion after having “looked at their blood tests, their genetic tests… their IQ tests… their neurological tests and their cardiovascular tests, which has a lot to do with endocrinology.”

Drs. Green and Nolan are essentially trying to identify genes which correlate with anomalous experiences. Green refers to this area of research as “the genomics of supernormality”. According to Garry Nolan, Green and his colleagues had not “really begun any of the brain studies” before they partnered with him. Shortly after Nolan joined the team however they began to zero in on an “anatomically coherent location” in the brains of Green’s patients which exhibited unusual structural features.

At first they assumed they were dealing with some form of brain injury. But further MRI analysis indicated that the anomaly represented a “non-pathological neural feature”. What they had discovered was “enhanced bilateral white matter connectivity” between two parts of the brain known as the caudate and the putamen (see illustration below).

It was not until Dr. Nolan saw the results from the MRI scans of the caudate-putamen that he felt they had something tangible — and repeatable — which could be compared to other databases. So far, Green and Nolan have studied 100 MRIs from a standard hospital database and none of the individuals in this control group exhibited hyper connectivity between the caudate and the putamen. By contrast, in their own “unique clinical cohort” approximately 50–60% did — to varying degrees — have the enhancement. In other words, way beyond statistical probability.

The image below, originally obtained by The Mind Sublime, was presented during Garry Nolan’s lecture at the Consortium for Space Genetics at Harvard Medical School in late 2018. It is meant to illustrate the differences in white matter connectivity in the caudate-putamen between the control group (“normal”) and Nolan and Green’s special cohort (“hyper”).

Slide from Dr. Garry Nolan’s 2018 presentation at the Consortium for Space Genetics at Harvard Medical School

This region of the brain is part of the basal ganglia and connected to all the environmental sensors of the body. It is known to be involved in both motor coordination and intuitive decision-making.

What clued Green and Nolan in to the significance of their finding was that their own cohort included several brilliant remote viewers. These individuals had the hyper connectivity “in spades”. “In fact, they were on the upper end of the curve”, Nolan told MJ Banias. The observation that white matter density is especially overdeveloped in remote viewers makes it logical to ask whether the feature is somehow related to anomalous cognition — and if so, how?

Garry Nolan offers some informed speculation.

We’re all just quantum information fields. The proteins and everything that we are sits in a quantum information field. Those proteins and the atoms that make them up are as well quantum information. So why shouldn’t they be receptive to other forms of quantum information transfer that we already naturally assume is real?

Nolan wants to find out is if some people have a unique processing centre which allow them to make sense of such information. If anomalous signals really are being perceived at a distance they still have to overlay themselves “onto pre-existing structures in the brain” and be translated into normal sense perceptions, he argues. So how does the brain receive the anomalous signals? Nolan speculates that answers to this question might be found in the work of Matthew Fisher (Posner molecules) and Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff (microtubules).

The intuitive Dr. Viola Petitt Neal was likely the first person to make the connection between this area of the brain and anomalous cognition. In Through the Curtain, she describes a psychic “night class” from 1961 in which she received a number of insights into its possible functions. Dr. Neal writes:

The caudate nucleus deals with the head antennae — millions of antennae which in the future will deal with the ability of all the extrasensory perception abilities. Such as the ability to see events at a distance and the ability of telepathic contact. The sending and receiving station for telepathic contact is located in the caudate nucleus. This nucleus is the mechanism that would be activated and used as the race develops. Some people have a certain amount of development.

The ability to read the planetary records (Akashic) has something to do with certain antennae activated in the caudate nucleus. This is the physical mechanism used by the interplay of the top head center and the kundalini center (base of the spine or root center), with its outer focus in the ajna center. This would be the physical mechanism for handling this ability from the etheric to the physical. This physical mechanism is the caudate nucleus. The ventricles of the brain act as a screen (like a screen for moving pictures).

One of the questions which emerges from Green and Nolan’s research on the brains of experiencers, is whether there could be a connection between the 6th observable, the 6th sense and Close Encounters of the 6th Kind. Is the proposed contact antenna somehow generated or activated by for example near-field exposure to UFOs? Does a pre-existent antenna attract the phenomenon in the first place?

So far, Nolan and Green have seen no indication that the level of connectivity between the caudate-putamen changes over time. Now, whether an event is necessary in order to “turn on” the functions of the trait is another question. A kundalini event, perhaps? Or even a traumatic brain injury? Nolan speculates that maybe “regeneration in that area of the brain” after a traumatic event opens new pathways which activates its extraordinary potential.

Green and Nolan’s preliminary findings are promising, but when can we expect a peer reviewed article? In a recent Twitter thread, Dr. Nolan confirmed that two papers are “ready for submission”. He also revealed that they are collaborating with “other mainstream labs”. It is possible that he was referring to a little known caudate-putamen study currently going on at Harvard University.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has also taken a keen interest in this type of research. In March 2014, it published an article which revealed ongoing investigations into novel cognitive abilities. The ONR had partnered with “leading experts in neural, cognitive and behavioral science”, the article claimed, “to synchronize their studies of intuition and translate their findings into applications for military personnel”. The experts were recruited from “military services, industry and university laboratories”. Green and Nolan are not explicitly named in the ONR article, but given the potential significance of their research for military-intelligence applications it seems reasonable to assume they have been consulted. The next section deals with some of the potential applications.

Cognitive Human Interface

On The Unidentified Celebrity Review, Luis Elizondo was asked if he knew if any group of scientists had ever attempted to initiate contact with UFOs. Elizondo deflected the question, but recommended that the host get in touch with Christopher Green, Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff because they “would be perfect to answer that question”.

Dr. Hal Puthoff is the Founder, President & CEO of EarthTech International, Inc. and Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. According to EarthTech’s website, “The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin was founded in 1985” and “incorporated under EarthTech International, Inc., in 1991 as an innovative research facility with a high‐powered creative staff dedicated to exploring the forefront reaches of science and engineering.” In light of Luis Elizondo’s comment on The Unidentified Celebrity Review, it should be noted that “the Search for Extraterrestrial Visitation (SETV)” is also listed among EarthTech’s current research interests.

1985 seems to have been a busy year for Dr. Puthoff. This was also the year he formed the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group (ATP) together with individuals like John B. Alexander, Albert Stubblebine and Jack Houck. The ATP had its inaugural meeting at BDM’s McLean Secure Facility.

From the inaugural meeting of the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group in 1985

Given the overlap in timeframe and areas of interest, it seems logical to ask if there was a connection between the establishment of the ATP and The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin. A page of Jack Houck’s personal notes from the first meeting at BDM is shown a below. The group’s agenda was ambitious and included the creation of an abductee data base as well as obtaining direct physical and/or psychical contact with the UFO phenomenon (!).

Jack Houck’s agenda notes from the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group meeting at BDM

Christopher Green’s successor at the CIA’s “weird desk”, Ronald Pandolfi, has reportedly stated that “intelligence operations [tend to] focus on tracking” experiencers since the phenomenon itself “cannot be nailed down physically”. In 2019, Melinda Leslie gave an excellent and highly detailed presentation on the ATP for UFO Denmark. During her talk she recounted an event in 1992 where Gordon Novel allegedly “contacted an abductee on the behalf of Hal Puthoff”. John B. Alexander also approached this individual, claimed Leslie. Their objective was to get her DNA and “recruit her to interact with ETs”. A similar story is told by Dr. Steven M. Greer in Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge. According to Dr. Greer, he was also approached by Alexander*, Major General Albert Stubblebine* and others in 1992 after CSETI successfully initiated contact with several UFOs in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

From CSETIs CE-5 event in Gulf Breeze, Florida, March 14, 1992

Stubblebine allegedly told Greer that they already had a “very private” organisation which dealt with the subject. They wanted him to join because they believed he “had discovered the Rosetta stone of extraterrestrial contact”. Both the abductee and Greer declined.

Were any of these recruitment attempts related to the ATPs stated ambition to create a data base of abductees and engage in “direct contact”? Or perhaps even Christopher Green’s later work on the DNA of experiencers?

On Phenomenon Radio, John Burroughs asked Garry Nolan about the potential applications of his research. He specifically wanted to hear Nolan’s thoughts on the idea of placing individuals from his study in a UFO hotspot to attract the phenomenon. At first, Nolan appeared open to the idea and even suggested that “someone like Dean Radin” should be involved to “design the study in the right way”. He seemed more uncomfortable, however, when Burroughs asked if he was aware of any plans to conduct such an experiment. “It has not been discussed in any meetings that I’ve ever been in”, Nolan replied curtly. What would be the “readout” of such an experiment? Nolan wondered.

Would you read what they think they see? What they are feeling? Would you attach, you know, wires to them […] to measure their brain activity? I mean, these are all good questions, John. But I don’t know what that kind of study would be. Because that’s really entering an area of psychoanalysis and perception.

Nolan made a fair point. Witness accounts can be unreliable. This is perhaps especially true of close range sightings. The UKs Project Condign argued that such encounters can “affect the human brain” in such a way as to stimulate its “imagination library” and cause “visual activity which are not in fact a true representation of the facts”.

In The Eighth Tower, John Keel proposed that since the phenomenon “hides from us by donning a million silly disguises” researchers should focus on examining “the percipients and try to understand what they really experienced, not what they think they experienced.” This is exactly what BAASS did, according to one of its former Senior Managers.

BAASS attempted to “bypass UFO deception and manipulation of human perception” by decoding its “biological consequences”. In other words, it viewed “the human body as a readout system for UFO effects by utilizing forensic technology, the tools of immunology, cell biology, genomics and neuroanatomy”. This novel approach resulted in “a revolution in delineating the threat level of UFOs”.

Additional insights into the readout question comes from journalist Gary S. Bekkum. In one article, he outlines the basic methodology behind an exotic experiment proposed by Christopher Green to investigate — and possibly unmask — the Trickster intelligence said to operate on Skinwalker Ranch.

The basic idea was to use two psychics and place a “receiver inside the magnet of [a] brain scanner during a deep mind-to-mind state of entanglement with a remote sender”. Bekkum explained that the “sender would be placed as bait, potentially in harm’s way, as near to the core of the Skinwalker Ranch phenomenon as possible”. The aim being to “entice” the phenomenon into acting “upon the sender in such a way as to join the entangled brain states of sender and receiver”.

Assuming the risk that the Skinwalker phenomenon might simply break the entangled brain state of the sender on the ranch in Utah and the receiver who is inside the magnet at a research laboratory some distance away, the best case would register changes in the receiver’s brain scan induced by the effect of the Skinwalker source on the sender.

The hypothesis was that such an experiment would record the “mind-altering signatures” of the phenomenon and possibly reveal “the nature of the source affecting human perception”. It remains unclear what the medical consequences of such a “best case” scenario would be, however.

On January 6, 2018, someone leaked an extraordinarily revealing audio recording which may have shed further light on the experiment described by Bekkum. The recording consists of an extended conversation between Christopher Green and Cay Randall-May, his psychic advisor. During their conversation Green tries to persuade a slightly sceptical Randall-May to participate in an experiment with the controversial Israeli psychic Uri Geller.

The experiment is nearly identical to the one described by Gary Bekkum. Dr. Green explains to Randall-May that it would involve “simultaneous functional brain [scans]” between facilities in Phoenix, Arizona and either London or Tel Aviv. The purpose would be to achieve an “ineffable contact [and] communication” between Randall-May and Uri Geller. Green outlined the various sub-elements of the experiment and the roles of the people involved.

The 1st part would focus on “the functional MRI connectivity systems of what parts of the brain are related to other parts of the brain for communication and quantum telepathy”. According to Dr. Green, he is the “only expert on Earth” in this area of research.

The 2nd part relates to “the software associated with the calculations and the manner in which the [brain] scan sequences would be done at two different locations”. A PhD engineer working “for Hal [Puthoff] and George [Hathaway] at Halʼs institute” would be responsible for this part of the experiment.

The “3rd part of this sort of a communication gets to the questions that Hal [Puthoff] is the world expert in”, Green told Randall-May. Such as “interpretation of data that comes from verbal reportage of individuals doing remote viewing”. Green also indicated that Hal Puthoff was the expert in the overall design of the experiment. An unnamed “sponsor” was interested in tying together all three components, Green said.

In Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, Lacatski, Kelleher and Knapp claimed that “no human experimentation was conducted, and every aspect of HIPAA regulation was followed to the letter by all AAWSAP BAASS medical and scientific personnel.” Perhaps so. But Christopher Green admitted to MJ Banias that approximately a dozen of the individuals in his study suffered injuries in connection to their work at Skinwalker Ranch. Were any of these injuries the result of such baiting experiments? The statement by the former BAASS Manager seems to allude to this. If so, it obviously raises a number of ethical — not to mention legal — questions.

An acquaintance of Ryan Bledsoe who had been involved in parapsychological research allegedly confirmed to him that psychics had indeed been “used as bait” on Skinwalker Ranch. Unfortunately, he did not reveal the identity of this individual, but John Alexander and Joseph McMoneagle would be obvious candidates. After all, both have a background in remote viewing and Ryan Bledsoe has previously spoken about their connection to his father. James Lacatski has also confirmed that McMoneagle conducted Skinwalker Ranch related remote viewing sessions for AAWSAP.

One of the most important interviews given by Luis Elizondo in the last year or so was on James Iandoli’s aptly titled podcast Engaging the Phenomenon. Iandoli is a well-known proponent of human-initiated contact (CE-5) and wanted Elizondo’s thoughts on the topic. Elizondo told Iandoli that he had “never been against CE-5”. In fact, AATIP had its own term for such encounters, he said: “Cognitive Human Interface” (CHI). AATIP slide 9 even states that the “DoD has been involved in similar experiments in the past”.

AATIP slide 9

When Iandoli asked if “CHI” had been in observed during his time with AATIP, Elizondo said he would defer to the “experts” on the topic, likely alluding to Puthoff, Green and Davis. Did AAWSAP/AATIP really use something like Steven Greer’s CE-5 protocols to interact with the phenomenon? Or was Elizondo alluding to baiting experiments using human subjects?

Lacatski, Kelleher and Knapp write in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon that “Decades of field research by AAWSAP BAASS, NIDS and multiple other organizations has suggested that consciousness (including telepathic communication) may play an integral role in human-UAP interactions.” They also indicated that AAWSAP BAASS was successful in making contact by deploying “especially adaptive people as human interactive agents” to UFO hotspots. It seems reasonable to assume that some of these “interactive agents” were selected because of their well-developed “contact antenna”.

Vinnie from Disclosure Team asked Luis Elizondo if he had “ever been trained in remote viewing”. Elizondo declined to answer because he did not want any assignments he may have had to “distract from the topic at hand”. What sort of assignments was he alluding to? This is pure speculation of course, but could Elizondo have been personally involved in CE-5/CE-6 experiments during his time in AAWSAP/AATIP?

Many seem to believe that something like Project Stargate still exists. In Managing Magic, Crant Cameron indicated that Ronald Pandolfi transferred the program “from the DIA to the CIA” prior to its “termination” in 1995. Others, like Gary Bekkum, have suggested that it eventually ended up at the National Security Agency (NSA). During the 2021 Making Contact Convergence event Luis Elizondo also alluded to the existence of a current remote viewing program. Maybe a Project Stargate 2.0. aimed at interfacing with non-human intelligence?

Interestingly, on a recent episode of Unknown Country, Whitley Strieber told George Knapp that he had heard rumours that military “intuitives” were being used to interface with the UFO phenomenon and asked if Knapp was aware of this too. “I know what you mean”, Knapp replied.

Baiting the UFO Trickster

Illustration by Anders N. Kvammen

In December 2018, John Burroughs participated in a panel discussion on UFO News Network Sunday together with Frank Stalter, James Iandoli and Grant Cameron. Several bombshells were dropped during this conversation which seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the UFO community.

One of the claims made by Burroughs was that he had been given a briefing on Project Stargate and taught techniques to enhance his psychic abilities during a visit to Hal Puthoff’s EarthTech facility. In Contact Modalities, Grant Cameron mentions that Christopher Green had also urged Burroughs to practice “Kripalu yoga and Vipassana meditation”.

While at EarthTech, Burroughs was allegedly briefed on “some other stuff” too which would involve his participation in “certain things”. Without going into specifics, Burroughs alluded to this being related to the work of John Alexander. To the best of my knowledge, Alexander was never directly involved with AAWSAP/BAASS. Was Burroughs referring to the ATP and/or NIDS? Or perhaps some other organisation/company like EarthTech?

Garry Nolan has stated that some people seem to be “like lighthouses in the dark” for the phenomenon. If true, would it not be logical to use such individuals as subjects in contact experiments? Could Burroughs briefing at EarthTech have been connected to Green and Nolan’s work on the caudate-putamen and ongoing efforts to bait the phenomenon? I suspect so.

In fact, during his appearance on UFO News Network Sunday, Burroughs admitted that he once participated in such an experiment near Sedona, Arizona. Individuals associated with the remote viewing program were also present at this event. The first hour in the Sedona desert was cold and uneventful. One of the participants said to Burroughs that they should have done the CE-5 protocols before going out, because this is usually necessary “to get an interaction”.

Then all of a sudden “the show started”.

Anomalous objects were observed both at a distance and closer to the group. One appeared right above them and was turning in a counterclockwise motion. Two large triangular craft and smaller blue objects were also seen that night. One person who had been associated with the remote viewing program said he/she was surprised that Burroughs was not already “inside the government program working on this”.

James Iandoli asked John Burroughs if he could reveal the identity of this individual. Burroughs refused and told Iandoli that he could guess a thousand times without figuring out who it was. If true, this is an interesting piece of information. After all, most of the people who worked on Project Stargate are well-known. Was Burroughs simply unfamiliar with the publicly available information on remote viewing or had this person been involved in a post-Stargate program? The reference to a current government program seems to indicate the latter. In The Rendlesham Enigma, James Penniston mentions a meeting in Sedona between Burroughs and Christopher Green. Could there be a connection between these two events?

Some of the UFO activity in Sedona was allegedly recorded on video. Frank Stalter asked John Burroughs if any of the footage would ever be made available to the public. “That’s not my stuff”, answered Burroughs. It “was taken by the person who was there”. Stalter followed up. “But that’s in private hands though, not in the military’s hands?” “Here’s my point”, said Burroughs. “If there’s something relevant, the military has their hands on it. That’s all I’m trying to say”.

Burroughs’ account is in many respects reminiscent of Christopher Bledsoe’s interactions with John Alexander. Bledsoe has been a veritable magnet for paranormal phenomena ever since his spectacular UFO encounter near the Cape Fear River in 2007. Like Burroughs, he is believed to be one of the test subjects in Nolan and Green’s experiencer study. Not surprisingly, he was also one of the first civilians to be studied by AAWSAP.

Hal Puthoff and Christopher Bledsoe

Central to Bledsoe’s story is a beautiful blonde female entity which he calls “The Lady”. The details surrounding Bledsoe’s supposed relationship with this entity is beyond the scope of the article. But it should be noted that he is convinced that it is one of the reasons why the intelligence community has been keeping an eye on him.

John Alexander has been quite open about his relationship with Christopher Bledsoe. It is however unclear to the author if Alexander’s interest in Bledsoe is purely personal or if he was tasked to interact with him. According to one article, he still worked “as a defense consultant” as late as 2019. In a recent edition of Shadows Of Your Mind, Christopher Bledsoe also stated that he was “put together” with John Alexander by unnamed “government connections”.

John Alexander may have offered a clue to the identity of this individual in his book Reality Denied. According to Alexander, he met Bledsoe “at a friend’s home in Pennsylvania”. Bledsoe was interviewed on camera during this meeting; a video Alexander reviewed before visiting Bledsoe in the fall of 2015.

Ryan Bledsoe has claimed that his father once did a remote viewing session with John Alexander and Joe McMoneagle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The author has tried to ascertain if there could be a connection between these meetings. So far without success.

(Author’s EDIT on 9/9/2022 — On a recent episode of the UAP Studies Podcast Jim Semivan made some intriguing remarks regarding his own involvement in a UFO experiencer study and how he was recruited. I am adding the relevant quote here for two reasons: (1) to contextualize John B. Alexander’s interactions with Christopher Bledsoe; and (2) because, as far as I know, it is the first time Alexander has been tied, at least indirectly, to a formal Government (DARPA) UFO program.

Here is Semivan on the UAP Studies Podcast, Sep 6, 2022:

it wasn’t until 2014 that I ran into … this is sort of the shortened version… John Alexander, who’s just a wonderful man. And he was sort of AATIP before AATIP, okay. He was the guy at the pentagon, right. He’s a wonderful guy and a dear friend. And I ran into him… my wife and I ran into him at an energy conference, a healing energy conference up in New York. And we became friends and he… we had some material from the experience. He came down to our house, interviewed my wife and myself and took it back to a DARPA lab and the experience and the videotape. And then a couple of weeks later that’s when sort of all hell broke loose…)

John Alexander spent a whole weekend with the Bledsoe family in October 2015. On their last evening together, he asked Christopher Bledsoe to show him the location of his 2007 encounter. Alexander’s wife Victoria and Bledsoe’s daughter Emily also tagged along. Of all his kids, Bledsoe told Shadows Of Your Mind, Emily had “always been the antenna for this stuff”.

When they arrived at the site, Bledsoe said a silent prayer to the The Lady and asked her to “show up in front of John”. Shortly thereafter, he sensed an “all too familiar” energy which made it difficult for him to breathe. Then, suddenly, “all the bugs and crickets” went quiet. Only he appeared to notice the subtle changes in the environment. “I think they are here”, he said to Alexander. Seconds later, a light materialised “out of thin air” in the zenith of the sky. It “pulsated four or five times” before turning into “a solid object” and shooting “off to the south”, Bledsoe recalled.

Christopher Bledsoe with John B. Alexander after their 2015 UFO sighting

The temporal correlation between Christopher Bledsoe’s comment and the appearance of the object made a deep impression on John Alexander. Bledsoe told Shadows Of Your Mind that Alexander “was on the phone within 30 seconds” of the sighting. Who did he call? Bledsoe did not say. Informed speculation would be one of Alexander’s associates in the intelligence community or the private sector.

Earlier this year, Ryan Bledsoe claimed that someone had tried to recruit his father to be “a civilian contractor for Army Intelligence”. Knowing of John Alexander’s background in Army Intelligence and his ties to the Bledsoe family, I decided to ask Ryan Bledsoe on Twitter if it had been him.

Tweet by Ryan Bledsoe and reply by The Hermetic Penetrator

Unfortunately, Ryan Bledsoe did not respond directly to my question, but gave it a “like” which could be interpreted as tacit confirmation.

Dr. Robert McGwier is another former intelligence officer who has claimed anomalous experiences in the presence of Christopher Bledsoe. Like John Alexander, he spent several days in his company hoping to have a sighting. As usual, Bledsoe prayed for The Lady’s assistance. “This is a friend of mine”, he thought. “If you brought him here to” see something “now is the time”.

Dr. McGwier recalled how “all of a sudden, through the tops of the trees, this massive light turned on” which was “brighter than Venus”. The object performed a number of “unusual maneuvers” before moving off into the distance. The next thing they noticed were dozens of tiny “flashbulbs going off in the top of the trees”. Initially the lights were hidden behind a limb and hard to see. McGwier thought to himself that he wished “they would move up so [he could] see them” better. Moments later, the lights moved as if they had read his mind.

When the flashbulb activity finally died down, McGwier asked Bledsoe if it was over. “I think they’re still here”, Bledsoe replied. McGwier then noticed an undulating purple haze over the tree line. Even though the strange apparition was clearly visible to him, Bledsoe could not see a thing. Suddenly the mysterious haze just vanished on the spot. Bledsoe appeared to sense a change the environment and said: “Okay, that’s it. They’re gone”. According to McGwier, there had been no communication between them that the phenomenon had vanished. Bledsoe just seemed to sense that it was gone.

Robert McGwier stayed in touch with Christopher Bledsoe after their experience together. On Project Unity, Dr. McGwier revealed that he was “chomping at the bit” to conduct a certain experiment with Bledsoe. An unnamed party had already tried this experiment, he said, with “astounding” results. McGwier had seen the evidence. The basic idea would be to give Bledsoe the freedom to do “whatever he does”, explained McGwier, while ensuring unbiased data collection. Jay from Project Unity asked McGwier to elaborate. “Let’s just say, it’s taking a picture”, McGwier replied. “If we can duplicate that experiment — and do it in a blind way, so that I’m not involved, etc. and yet still get the same result — it’ll be amazing”.

Final Thoughts on the Mysterious Other

When Christopher Bledsoe asks his “minders” from the intelligence community why they are so interested in him, they all say: “Well, it seems to like you and it don’t us. But we’d like to know what it wants. Or what it is”.

UFOs straddle the boundary between reality and imagination. Like Hermes the Trickster, they seem to take childish delight in playing absurd mind games with anyone they interact with.

Ross Coulthart recently reported that the US military may have identified a “specific electronic signature” emitted by these elusive objects which has made them easier to track. Are we finally on the cusp of unmasking the UFO Trickster? Or will it simply add new layers of complexity to its theatrical performances as we evolve; forever remaining in the margins of our human story?

The late, great Mac Tonnies had many useful insights into our relationship with this mysterious Other. I leave the reader with a few paragraphs from his posthumously released classic The Cryptoterrestrials:

Every few nights I get out my laser pointer and indulge my cats in a frenetic game of “chase.” Cats are natural hunters, and they’re effectively incapable of not looking at the quickly moving red dot that I project onto the carpet, walls, or any piece of furniture that happens to be in its path.

To my cats, the red dot possesses its own vitality. It exists as a distinct entity. While they may see me holding the pointer, they can’t (or won’t) be distracted by such things once the button is pressed and the living room is suddenly alive with luminous vermin. So they chase it. And chase it. And, if they get close enough, even take swipes at it — in which case I make the dot “flee” or disappear in what seems like a concession of defeat (which, of course, only further arouses the cats’ predatory curiosity).

All the while I’m controlling the red dot, I’m taking pains to make it behave like something intelligible. Just waving the pointer around the room wouldn’t be any fun. So I make it “climb,” “jump” and scuttle when cornered — even though the laser’s impervious to obstructions.

This sense of physicality seems to be the element that makes chasing the laser so engaging — both for the cats and for me.

I can’t help but be reminded of our continuing search for assumed extraterrestrial vehicles. UFO sightings demonstrate many of the same aspects of a typical feline laser hunt: mysterious disappearances, “impossible” maneuvers and a predilection for trickery — the apparent desire to be seen despite (or because of) a technology presumed to be far in advance of our own. More than one UFO researcher has noted that UFOs behave more like projections or holograms than nuts-and-bolts craft . . . an observation that begs the nature of the intelligence doing the projecting.

According to astrophysicist Jacques Vallee, UFOs are part of a psychosocial conditioning system by which perceived “rewards” are doled out to reconcile for the dearth of irrefutable physical evidence. The phenomenon — whatever its ultimate nature — obstinately denies itself, thus enabling the very game it’s intent on playing with us.

We see that sudden spark of red light; we pounce. This time we’ll catch it for sure.


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Making Contact Convergence Panel

The Advanced Theoretical Physics Project — documents from their first meeting by Keith Basterfield

Hidden Truth, Forbidden Science by Dr. Steven M. Greer

*Colonel John Alexander is referred to as “Dr. Death, Col. MK” and Major General Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III as “General T.E” in Steven M. Greer’s book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge.

Russian General Speaks Out On UFOs by Valery Uvarov

*A Caveat: In the interview General Alexejev is actually quoted as saying “artificially stimulate”. Though I can’t be sure, the author suspects that this is a misspelling and that the correct word should be “simulate”.